How To Choose The Perfect Wine And Cigar Combination

If you are celebrating a special occasion, then you want to celebrate it with a champagne toast. You can take the celebration a bit further by smoking a fine cigar. It helps to not overpower the taste of your cigar and pair it with a sweet champagne like Wycliff champagne. When pairing an alcoholic beverage and cigar, the combination should bring out the best qualities in both components.

Aperitif Cigars

Aperitif cigars are mild and small. They create a feeling of lightness and prepare your taste buds. This type of cigar is usually smoked before dinner and does not irritate your taste buds before eating. Small cigars usually do not contain any ligero leaves which means they are not very strong. According to Columbia University, the darker the tobacco means the stronger the flavor. It can result in a good combination when combining a light cigar with champagne.

The main qualities of champagne are lightness, freshness and purity. These qualities are passed on to your cigar. However, if you want to get the full effect, then you should smoke the cigar a minimum of 15 minutes.

Drinking and Smoking with Dinner

Some people enjoy smoking and drinking while having dinner. It is a little more difficult to choose the right cigar and alcoholic beverage when eating. The alcoholic beverage should release the cigar's flavor, enhance it and hide the flaws. Medium and large-sized cigars are good options for dinner. They should be paired with more of a hard liquor like rum, whisky or cognac.

When Should You Start Smoking?

The right time to start smoking depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer to start smoking and drinking right after ordering their meal. This allows you to smoke a little under half of your cigar. On the other hand, smoking after dinner is another option. Your sensations are still fresh after eating a meal.

Brut Sparkling Wines

Brut sparkling wines creates bubbles that has a cleansing power that enhances the flavor of cigars. According to Wine Searcher, brut sparkling wines contains less than 15 grams of sugar per liter of wine. This type of wine is not affected by the amount of sugar because it has a high acidity and sparkling aspect. A non-sparkling wine with this amount of sugar would have a sweeter taste.

When finding the right drinking and smoking combination, you should also consider the glass. It helps to use a traditional wine glass instead of a flute. A tall flute can trap the bubbles and change the flavor of the champagne. Finding the right combination is essential for not ruining the experience of smoking your favorite cigar. For more ideas, check out a company like Pacific Wine Merchants.