Easter Baskets Are Not Just For Kids

Just because you are an adult, does not mean you cannot have an Easter basket. In fact, you can pick up gourmet gift baskets for all your friends to celebrate the holiday. What you put in each basket can vary according to you and your friends' taste. Here are some suggestions for an adult Easter basket. 


Although you do not traditionally find wine in Easter baskets, you do in gift baskets for adults. Since you are creating the basket for an adult, there are very few foods and drinks that are off-limits, including wine. 

The great thing about including wine is that you can also include foods that go well with the wine you select. You do not have to stop at wine though. Be sure to include the bottle opener and a glass or two for your friend to enjoy his or her new gift. 


As with wine, you can choose a more adult beverage like coffee for your friend's basket. Gourmet coffee can be accompanied with cakes, cookies, or other baked goodies. 

You can even ensure that Easter is incorporated into your basket's theme by including coffee mugs with Easter decorations. Some coffee manufacturers offer special packaging for holidays. Check into those for special brews that are good for your basket. 

Gourmet Food

Obviously you want to include gourmet foods with your gourmet Easter basket. To keep with the theme though, look for foods that are traditionally enjoyed on the holiday. 

You do not have to stick to savory foods, such as ham. Since it is Easter, do not forget to include candies. Chocolates in the form of eggs and bunnies can be popular among your friends. Some gourmet companies have chocolate candies filled with liqueur. 

Kitchen Utensils

If your friends are planning to have a big Easter dinner, adding kitchen utensils to your basket could come in handy. Easter themed serving spoons and other utensils can not only be a nice touch, but they can be used to help with the meal itself. 

You do not have to limit yourself to serving spoons though. If your friend is an amateur chef, try to find unique cooking utensils to stick in the basket. 

Gourmet Easter baskets are a great way to show friends and family how much you appreciate them. By being creative and choosing different ones for each person, you can show just how much you pay attention to his or her needs and wants. For assistance, talk to a professional like New Canaan Olive Oil.