Cooking with Delicious And Creamy Goat Cheese

Fresh goat cheese is quickly becoming a very popular choice when it comes to cooking. This soft, creamy cheese has a rich texture and makes some unforgettable dishes you're sure to enjoy. This type of cheese also has a distinct tangy flavor, which only adds to its appeal. Here are some easy and mouth-watering ways you can cook at home and incorporate smooth, delectable goat cheese.

Use it in Souffles

You may have made a souffle before, but when you add goat cheese to your recipe, it will take your dish to a whole new dimension. Add ingredients like artichoke for an extra burst of flavor. When making the souffle, simply follow the directions and mix all ingredients except the goat cheese. Let your souffle mixture cool slightly, and then incorporate the cheese into it, folding it in until thoroughly mixed. After it cooks, you'll be impressed by its creaminess and added flavor.

Simple Salads

Instead of adding traditional cheeses like shredded cheddar or fresh Parmesan, try thinking outside the box and add goat cheese crumbles. You don't have to add just the cheese; figs pair with goat cheese really well. Stuff a few figs with some goat cheese and incorporate them into your salad. This also makes an excellent appetizer on its own as well.

Spice up Your Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a popular finger food and is almost always a hit at dinner parties. Rather than using mozzarella cheese, consider spreading smooth goat cheese on the bread instead. Just like mozzarella, goat cheese tastes amazing with fresh basil. Get creative by topping the whole thing with a beet and chopped onion mixture or any other topping of your choosing. The possibilities are endless!

Fry it Up

You can fry and bake goat cheese in a number of different ways for an unusual tasting finger food. Create a batter mixture using all purpose flour, club soda, and salt and pepper. Roll small balls of goat cheese in the mixture, and fry it in hot oil. Make some interesting dipping sauces to go along with the fried cheese. Alternatively, you can coat the goat cheese pieces in crushed pistachios and olive oil and bake them in the oven for a crunchy, creamy treat.

Enhance Your Dishes

Think of creative ways you can incorporate goat cheese into every day dishes. Use it as a pizza topping, or add it to your next muffin recipe. Spread it on a freshly grilled hamburger as a tangy twist on traditional sliced cheese. Your taste buds will thank you!