How And Why To Eat Orchids

Many flowers are edible. You've probably heard of eating dandelions and clover. But have you heard of orchids? They are not eaten as often as some other flowers, but they are a delicacy. Here's a closer look at how and why to eat orchids.

Why would you eat orchids?

There's something so soothing about eating a beautiful flower that's displayed on your plate. Eating orchids is a beautiful and rejuvenating experience. The dish itself is also gorgeous, adding color to your meal. If you're hosting a party, serving a dish with orchids is a great way to make a stunning impression. The dish can double as a centerpiece!

Another reason to eat orchids has to do with nutrition. Orchids are really high in vitamin C and other antioxidant vitamins, which means they can help boost your immunity and help you avoid illness. They have a sweet, delicate flavor and a crisp texture similar to that of leaf lettuce.

How do you eat orchids?

The simplest and most common way to enjoy orchids is in a salad. You can toss a delicious salad with greens, carrots, cranberries, nuts, and a nice vinaigrette dressing, and then add a couple of orchids to the top of the salad as a decoration. Stay away from salads with creamy dressings, as they don't seem to complement the orchid as well.

You can also serve orchids on a smoothie bowl! Create a thick smoothie by blending up one frozen banana, a cup of berries, a half cup of yogurt, and a half cup of orange juice. Pour this into a bowl, and then top it with an assortment of berries and sliced fruits. Add a couple of orchids to the top as a decoration—they are delicious with the sweet, creamy smoothie on them.

A final way to eat orchids is with a sweet sauce drizzled over them. This is more of a light dessert. You can create your own sauce by combining a few spoonfuls of jam, a little cherry or pomegranate juice, and a spoonful of sugar. Microwave it for about 30 seconds, and then let it cool before drizzling it over the orchids.

Orchids are gorgeous, and when prepared and served in the right way, they are delicious as well. You can often find orchids at specialty foods stores. There are many varieties, but almost all of them are edible; they differ mainly by appearance. For more information, reach out to companies like Perfect Image Orchids, Inc.