Why Buy Wholesale Gelato To Sell At Your Frozen Treats Stand

Gelato is a great and unique frozen treat that many people can enjoy. Buying wholesale gelato so you can resell it later can allow you to offer a great product to your customers while getting a profit at the same time. Shop around before choosing a wholesale gelato distributor you can trust, and use this guide to help you understand why buying wholesale gelato is a great idea.

You have something new to offer your customers

Gelato is a great popular frozen treat that differs from ice cream in a few ways. Hailing from Italy, gelato is known for its creamy appeal. Gelato uses more milk in its creation than traditional ice cream does, and is smoother and more dense in general than ice cream. The result is a sweet iced treat that is more like a frozen yogurt than an ice cream in consistency but far creamier than both. For those who are conscious of what they put in their bodies, gelato has the benefit of being less fat-laden than some other frozen snacks as well.

When you specialize in traditional American sweet frozen fare, adding gelato to the mix can be a game changer and boost up sales. Since sales in America appear to grow every year regarding gelato — sales in 2014 were around $214 million, which is an increase from previous years — it's a safe bet that if you buy wholesale gelato and offer it to your customers for something different, you'll have interest and create profit.

You save money by buying wholesale

If you are already selling gelato to your customers and it's one of your more popular offerings, then consider making your profits greater with this Italian frozen treat by lowering your initial costs in acquiring it. Wholesale gelato, particularly flavors that sell the most in your store, can be cheaper than what you're paying for your gelato now, especially if you can buy the gelato in larger quantities at a time. You can keep the same customer price but enjoy larger profits on your sales while keeping your inventory steady as well.

When you secure a wholesale gelato distributor, maintain your loyalty to them by always ordering on time and consistently and ensure your payments always go through. This can help you get even better wholesale gelato deals in the future. Ask your distributor if they offer a special rate for automatic orders to see if you can save even more money while keeping your most popular flavors in stock.