Tips For Fundraising With Salsa

Are you looking for a unique fundraiser idea that's not selling candy bars or washing cars? You might want to consider selling salsa. It's unique enough that it will catch people's attention. Plus, people generally enjoy salsa and jarred salsa keeps for quite a while — so people can buy it and store it for a while before using it. If you do decide to sell salsa as a fundraiser, here are some tips and ideas that will help you out.

Buy from a smaller or local company, if possible. 

One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whose salsa to sell. While you could just buy in bulk from a big, national brand, there are some real advantages of choosing salsa from a smaller company. Salsa from smaller companies is often better quality because it is made in small batches with more attention to detail. And you can often contact smaller companies directly to talk about your fundraiser. If you let them know what you want to do, they may give you a discounted rate on the salsa or even work with you to help advertise and fundraise. It's publicity for them, too.

Offer two or three varieties. 

Salsa is one of those things people can be picky about. Some people only eat salsa if it is really hot. Others prefer milder salsa. So, if you can offer at least two different kinds — mild and hot — that will greatly increase your sales. If the company you're buying from offers additional salsa varieties, that's even better. For example, if they have a green tomatillo salsa and a pineapple salsa, those may be big hits with more adventurous customers.

Make it easy to obtain.

For a small item like salsa, you don't want to make people who buy from your fundraiser drive to pick the items up. Either sell the salsa in-person at events or drop it off at their door after they order it. In some cases, the salsa company may even offer to ship it to them as a part of the process. If you make the salsa easy to get, more people will be willing to buy from you.

Selling salsa can be a really unique and enticing fundraising idea. Follow the tips above, and then contact some local salsa companies to find out more about salsa fundraising. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover how much interest you get.